Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with Help.

I made these projects for Christmas Presents. The patterns I got from various designers on I am posting them in order of completion.

Pattern by April Draven
Bella's Hat *Twilight*

Thanks to my husband for modeling it. I used Homespun Baroque (purple) because it was for my niece who likes purple. The pattern I wrote for the New Moon Gloves were made to go with this hat.

Pattern by Suzanne Steiger Homespun
Visor Beanie Crochet Pattern
This one was made for my nephew with wrist cuffs that I free styled.

The black and red/orange hat was made for my niece with the visor made a little longer.

Pattern by Fiber'clectica
Rebelious Wrist Warmers
I made these to go with hat for my niece

Pattern by Bren at Woodhill Design Pattern
Luxury Hat
I added a ribbon and a flower with beads. I also used Crystal Palace Squiggle Neptune Teal instead of fur.

Again I used Squiggles yarn, but color Blue Grotto. I also used a scalloped edge that made a small brim.

Pattern by Creativeyarn
Mohair Handwarmers

This I made to go with the hat shown above. Again, adding beads to the flower and squiggles yarn. I also made this longer than the pattern required.

I added a scalloped edge using a different yarn as well as the squiggles yarn to match the above hat. This is only 2 stitches longer than the pattern.

I have more to post from Christmas projects. I will have to get them in a different post. I have to go right now. My husband is taking me to see Sherlock Holmes tonight. I am so excited.

Peace On Earth


  1. I love the color of your Bella hat! I made one in pink and another in yellow. Just when I was going to get pictures my camera decides it does not want to work. Happy crocheting in 2010!!

  2. Love that pic of hubby! Your work is amazing...can't wait to see more of it!

  3. Thanks. My hubby was not thrilled to have his pick on my site, but I thought he was cute.

  4. I am in desperation looking for angel patterns for tree oranaments. I made a plege at the dialias center for their tree. any help on this will be greatly appreciated.